Talkin’ Bout

Al Green Cover Done By The Homie Freeman AKA Young Prodigy– Producer n Engineer

Nice Lil Club Track No? Lemme know!

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Look Around!

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Produced by John Merrill aka DJ Big Red AKA King JohniLL

Edited by Mellow Grady. Go get his project Live Or Die.


Wish I coulda came out with this right after the Trayvon Martin decision but good things come for those who wait… enjoy

Ugh, Where’s My Phone?

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This song was produced by two guys I went to High School with, about a girl I went to high school with.

It means a lot to me because while it is a statement about my generations dependency on our technologies but I use that to turn it into a way to explain my dependency to communicate or be around my ex, we can call her faye.

I was dirty to Ingrid throughout whatever we had but I used everything– but me– as an excuse as to why I wasn’t ready to be in a committed relationship. And she was a catch. I lost her, she slipped out of my hands slowly when i was at one of the lowest points of my life. A nice blow to the ego that I deserved.


Isn’t it weird that sometimes I can only love someone when they are half way out of the door?

Financial Boycott


Zimmerman was backed by big business. The Koch Brothers to be exact. This is a text from my mom (don’t judge) with all the companies that were donating to his legal team. Do what you want with this info. But the best way to talk is with ur money. Put ur money where your tweets @

In case u were wondering

You all should go see The Conjuring. not just cause I’m in it even though That’s why I typed this. I was just an extra but you can clearly see my face. I was supposed to take this bird to the movie but she had another direction to fly. ( just so you know, a “networking event” means a party in very language)

It’s not being rejected that bothered me. I’m used to that. A wise man once said you’ve gotta collect your No’s. so I got one and I lost one cuz I’m not an idiot. Being lied to is a huge insult to intelligence. At least be good at lying if you are gonna lie.

But she’s still young. Back to older women and lying about my age. I’m sure I can be a good liar. I just gotta remember, keep it funny, don’t talk to much and in the words of Slick Rick:

Treat em Like A Prostitute

Taming a Phoenix

Story of the Pheonix


You know what a Pheonix is? Not like literally you nerds but metaphorically. Like as far as a woman is concerned. You ever met a Pheonix? You ever tame a Pheonix? Of course not, you can’t tame a Pheonix a Pheonix wants to burn at will. Who do you think you are to try to tame that flame?

I’m Reid Clark and I am going to tame a Pheonix.

“Reason has not tamed desire: it is as strong as ever.”

Arthur Keith


Hello world!

This is my name, that up there is my face and this is my website.


Do I deserve a website at this point in life?


Should you care?


I mean I could be famous one day. And don’t you want to be able to say that one day you were in between looking up naughty things and you stumbled on this hipsters website and you fell in love with him before he got all “Main Steam” and corny. Of course you do. Cuzz you are a hipster jussst like me.